Site Tips

I love TouchDesigner- hopefully I can help you learn more about it. This site features many TouchDesigner tutorials. Make sure you are using Touch Designer 088 build 13030 or higher.

current Touch Designer 088 installers

Each TouchDesigner post contains reference or lesson built around an operator or concept in TouchDesigner. I only use Python whenever possible (although TScript is sometimes used by necessity). Videos are closed captioned – the entire audio transcription is available after the page break of each post. Therefore, each post is fully keyword searchable, not indexed by tags alone.

The video tutorials use the following color scheme to designate mouse buttons.

YELLOW – LEFT mouse button

BLUE – MIDDLE mouse button

GREEN – MIDDLE scroll wheel

ORANGE – RIGHT mouse button

Although Python is the default scripting language of TouchDesigner, I can’t really teach you Python. I can only teach you very specific Python tricks as they relate to Touch Designer. I highly recommend using WinPython as your python installer.

current WinPython installers

Learn Python the Hard Way